Al’Darb will revive existing Egyptian crafts, by creating modern day-to-day designs inspired from the original craft. Each product line will incubate a specific craft working closely with craftsmen all over Egypt to create crafted everyday accessories.  On the long run Al’ Darb aims to establish an identity that resides with consumers as a brand that preserves old heritage and presents it into everyday usable crafts.

The Name Al’ Darb translates to “on a path” in Arabic, “Darb” is not just any path, it is known in the Arabic language as a path that started a long time ago and is still going on, still a path travelled by, a path that connects past, present and future together. It is often used in many idioms in the Arabic language to describe a metaphorical path travelled by.

Al’Darb main objective is to sustain Egyptian heritage and contribute in creating economic sustainability to craftsmen/women. Localization is a core value of Al’Darb, we ensure that each craft remains in its environment where it grew and got inspired by each details across decade. Localizing all our raw materials and workshops; every detail is sourced locally. We create unique pieces telling a story from the Egyptian heritage and men/women who spent days to hand craft those pieces.