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Al'Darb Journey: behind the scenes

Updated: Mar 22, 2019

Al'Darb aims to bring different crafts together from different areas of Egypt, aiming at turning them into modern usable day-to-day products inspired from the original craft. With each craft in Egypt comes a new line of products preceding the craft that originated in this specific area. Hoping to contribute to economic stability in Egypt and building the under privileged communities by providing work opportunities to lots of craftsmen/women in villages. Al'Darb honours their talents and bringing them into the light through our product integrations with the crafts. We started our journey in Sohag - specifically Geziret Shandaweel - which is known by its intense women community working on Tally. The beauty of tally resides in its authenticity and the stories it tells, we cherish every woman who worked on each piece to bring our products to life. Our main aim to sustain our culture and present it to the world. This is just our first stop with our first craft and the journey continues...Wait for our next stop

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